My research lies at the intersection of strategy, human capital, and human resources, and investigates the role of individuals in firm performance and strategy. My research approach largely relies on the econometric analysis of archival field data. While I heavily draw on economic methods and strategy/management theories, I also incorporate literature and insights from sociology, organizational behavior, and social psychology. My work to date has largely focused on four settings: 1) Industrial laundry cleaning, 2) Real estate brokers/agents, 3) Emergency Medical Service providers (i.e. ambulances), and 4) US Government Employees.

My interests and expertise broadly fall in the following areas: Strategic Human Capital, Incentives and Compensation, Agency Theory, Labor Markets and Employee Mobility, Social Capital, and Organizational Strategy.


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         **Winner of Sumantra Ghoshal Best Paper Award, BPS Division, Academy of Management 2017

         **Previous Title: "When Social Capital Hurts: The Role of Human Capital Experience and Fit"


8. Gubler, T., Larkin, I., and L. Pierce (2018). “Doing Well by Making Well: The Impact of Corporate Wellness Programs on Employee Productivity.” Management Science, 64(11): 4967-4987. Find it on SSRN HERE.

         **Named top 100 business school paper by societal impact by the Financial Times

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12. Anchoring on Historical Reference Points: How and When Round-Number Price Thresholds Distort the Relationship Between Current and Previous Home Prices" (with Scott Wiltermuth and Lamar Pierce). Under First Round Review. Available on SSRN HERE.

13. "Making them Pay? Patient Ability to Pay Impacts Care Disparities in Emergency Medical Services" (with Haibo Liu and Alexandru Roman). Under First Round Review. Available on SSRN HERE.

14. "Combining Individual and Firm-level Human Capital Resources: The Creation and Performance Benefits of Human Capital Alignment" (with Ryan Cooper). Under First Round Review. Available on SSRN HERE and ResearchGate HERE.

15. "Specialized Human Capital in Professional Services: Task Specificity and Firm Performance." (with Ryan Cooper). Working Paper. 

WORK IN PROGRESS (but not yet full working papers)

16.  “Social Affiliations, Ethical Dilemmas, and Mortgage Defaults" (with Lamar Pierce). Data analysis stage.

17. “Organizational Structure, Incentives, Sorting, and Emergency Medical Service Crew Performance” (with Haibo Liu and Alexandru Roman).  Data analysis stage.

18.   "Productivity Following EMS Encounters with Death" (with Alexandru Roman and Haibo Liu). Data analysis stage.

19.  "Human Capital, Discrimination, and Stigma within the Federal Workforce" (with Joe Raffiee and Ryan Cooper). Data analysis stage.



  • Innovative Learning Technology Initiative Grant Recipient, University of California, Riverside (with Marlo Raveendran), 2018. $107,000

  • Winner of Sumantra Ghoshal Best Paper Award, Academy of Management, 2017, Atlanta, Georgia.


  • MBA Golden Apple teaching award, University of California, Riverside. Student-voted award for best MBA teacher in MBA core courses for 2016-2017.

  • Winner of Robert J. Litschert Best Doctoral Student Paper Award, Academy of Management 2015, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Finalist: Strategic Human Capital interest group best paper award, Strategic Management Society 2015, Denver, Colorado.

  • Moog Scholar, Washington University in St. Louis, 2013-2014.


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